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The French couple’s first cookbook, 'Easy and healthy ways to prepare fresh vegetables', has been translated


“Kids don’t know the difference between a real strawberry and its aroma”

Annabelle Delaval and Arnold Weislo are the authors of six different cookbooks which encourage people to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. The series is called “Que faire de simple”. Annabelle believes that only a very few people consume enough fresh fruits and vegetables. “In today’s society, bad nutrition is a major problem.

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Diets in Review - Get out of your veggie comfort zone with Easy and healthy ways to prepare fresh vegetables

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Learning how to cook can be intimidating, but learning how to cook when you’re trying to lose weight can seem impossible. Easy and Healthy Ways to Prepare Fresh Vegetables is an approachable, easy to read book that instructs readers how to peel, prepare and preserve your favorite produce.

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This cookbook is so much fun to look at and use, it's all about vegetables and vegetable cookery!


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One of the things I like about the book is that I can carry it with me to the store, see what vegetables are available and have all of my information in hand.



I was somehow inhibited in the kitchen until I discovered easy and healthy ways to prepare fresh vegetables. It is simple to use and very convenient.



What i don't like about many cookbooks is that they are either too hard to replicate, have too many ingredients that i don't own, or they are very easy to make but are really unhealthy (added cheese, cream, etc). But the recipes in this book are easy and just simple. You are actually eating vegetables and enjoying it.

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